Ceramics of MAX TECH Be

Vision of the MAX TECH

MAX TECH, a pioneer in Fine Ceramics, is willing to put sincere efforts and hard work to meet customer’s needs exactly. We take a great pride in our responsibility and reliability, vital to our survival in business. Technology and communication are the key words that account for the business of MAX TECH.

We produce many kinds of ceramic components and parts for equipments in various industries, especially semi-conductor and display. Fine Ceramics of MAX TECH are materials that have excellent qualities of high-strength, and chemical-, heat-, and abrasion-resistance. It is made of highly-refined natural resources which is harmless to our planet.

We believe that on the one hand we are now reopening the Stone Age and stand at the pinnacle in ceramic technology. On the other hand, we think that we are descendants of potters that made Goryeo cheong-ja(celadon) and we have the spirit of the masters of Goryeo.

By the way, best of all, MAX TECH will prove itself worthy of a good business partner. Technology of MAX TECH could give you the products that have competitive price and superior quality.

Thank you for your attention and interest and we wish to see you soon.

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